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Police Cars

After a loss when the police, firefighters, paramedics and or coroner leave the scene, a cleanup may be required, and the next step might be unknown. 406 Disaster Response employs technicians who not only provide expert, biohazard mitigation services but do so with a deep sensibility to the emotional nature of the work that affects grieving relatives and friends. Hiring 406 Disaster Response for a biohazard mitigation ensures the affected area is safely and thoroughly decontaminated by a professional company using IICRC and OSHA standards while in compliance with the disposal laws of biohazard contaminants. When a home or business has been affected by blood or body fluids, it should be cleaned as quickly as possible as to prevent further contamination of the building from pathogens that may become air born. 

Using science-based protocols, our experts not only contain and disinfect the dangerous biological materials, our teams carry out our work in a caring and private manner. Our professional crews are compassionate and discreet when working with families and clients. We provide trauma mitigation services and other remediation services for properties such as residential homes, communities, and businesses.

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